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While we wish you would spend all of your time exclusively on Ben’s Bargains, we understand that we can’t entertain you all the time. Frankly, it’s a big job, and you’re a tough crowd. That’s why we put together a selection of the best product deals from your favorite games, books, magazines, TV shows, and movies to throw a little spice into your spare time activities. Just know that you should feel really, really guilty when you leave us, and you should register with us and set up some deal alerts so we can still talk to you sometimes…

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Amazon has the Health and Fitness on a Budget: Cheap and Free Ideas for How to Lose Weight, Have More Energy and Eat Better eBook (Kindle) for $0 downloaded. Includes tips and ideas for getting/staying healthy without spending a lot of money in the process.
Retail: $2.99
Newegg has the Xbox One Console (Standard Edition) + Titanfall + Forza Motorsports 5 Bundle on sale for $450 with free shipping. Add to cart to see discounted price.

The latest next gen console includes an updated Kinect 2, 500GB hard drive, Skype integration, voice control and Blu-ray playback.
Xbox One Console + Titanfall & Forza Motorsports 5 Game $450 at Newegg
Ben's best silver award
Retail: $499
Amazon has Killzone Mercenary (Playstation Vita) for $16 with free shipping for Prime members or on purchases $35+. This FPS has you fulfilling contracts alongside Helghast forces as well as ISA specialists with the freedom to decide which tactics and load outs they will use. One of the best games for the Vita.

Best Buy has it for the same price with free in-store pickup at limited locations or $3 shipping to home.
Killzone Mercenary Game $16 at Amazon
Ben's best silver award
Retail: $40
Amazon has the Usaopoly Super Mario Collector's Edition Chess Game for $25 with free shipping on $35+. Reviewers say it's an excellent chess set for teaching kids how to play the game.
Retail: $50
Today only. Amazon has the Cryptic Caverns Android Game for $0 downloaded. Features point-and-click style gameplay, 35+ unique discoverable items, and an in-game map/hint system. Good Amazon reviews.
Retail: $0.99
Ends 4/21. Best Buy has Rocksmith 2014, Cable Included (Playstation 3 or Xbox 360) for $40 with free shipping. Plug in any guitar or bass with a 1/4" output jack to help you improve your playing skills. 2014 version features improved lag and audio delay and over 50 new songs.
$72 Retail: $80
has Frozen Planet: The Complete Series Blu-ray for $15 with free shipping on $35+. Normally $30+. This 3 disc compilation takes you to the Arctic and Antarctica, the two most remote and least hospitable areas on the planet, and how wildlife and animals still flourish there.

Narrated by David Attenborough, brother of the Colonel Sanders look-alike in Jurassic Park.
Retail: $55
Groupon has the Microsoft Office Certification Career Advancement Bundle for $39. Online redemption required; must activate within 180 days of purchase. Take a look at more of the features.
Retail: $399
Amazon has the Logitech F710 Wireless Gamepad for $30 with free shipping on $35+. Features dual vibration motors and 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity.
Retail: $50
Amazon has the Hulk Vs. (Blu-ray) for $4.48 with free shipping on $35+. Backordered 9 to 12 days. Features two action-packed films together on one release - Hulk vs. Wolverine and Hulk vs. Thor. Excellent Amazon reviews.
Retail: $15
DiscountMags has a three-year subscription to Us Weekly Magazine (156 Issues) for $201 - $166 off with coupon code PICKPRICE at checkout = $35. That's about $0.22 per issue of mindless celebrity news and gossip.
3-Year Subscription to Us Weekly $35 at DiscountMags
Ben's best silver award
$201 Retail: $201
Ends today. DiscountMags is having a Pick Your Price Magazine Sale, with one-year subscriptions to select magazine titles starting from $2.99 and up. Choose from a large selection of titles $4 and under, $5 and under, $7.50 and under, $10 and under, $15 and under and $20 and under. Multiple-year subscriptions are available at the same rate.
Today only. Amazon has the Easter Bunny Games for Kids: Easter Egg Hunt Jigsaw Puzzles HD for Toddler and Preschool (Education Edition) Android Game for $0 downloaded. Features 12 different Easter puzzles, adjustable difficulty level, and an Easter egg hunt after every puzzle completion. Excellent Amazon reviews.
Retail: $1.99
Newegg has the Watch Dogs Game (PC) on pre-order for $60 - $12 off with coupon code EMCYTZG32 [Exp 4/20] = $48 downloaded. Play as a hacker vigilante and manipulate any electronic equipment in an open world city to achieve your goals.
$60 Retail: $60
Origin has Mass Effect 3 (PC) for $5 downloaded. After a race of terrifying machines have begun their destruction of the human race, Commander Shepard must rally the civilizations of the galaxy to take back the Earth.
$17 Retail: $20
Adorama has the Yamaha MG124CX 12 Input Stereo Mixer for $230 with free shipping. Features 4-bus design, effect processor, 3-band EQ on inputs, and 4 channels of single-knob compression. Just five Amazon reviews, but they're good so far.
$260 Retail: $369
Ends 4/24 at 11AM PT. has the Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Membership Subscription Card for $37 downloaded (PayPal only). Gold Membership gets you access to new content and deals, like two free Xbox 360 games every month (also Xbox One games soon). You also need Xbox Gold to use Skype and watch streaming content from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and others.
$52 Retail: $60
Amazon has LEGO Lord of the Rings (Windows PC) for $4.99 downloaded. Features more than 60 playable characters and epic battles with Orcs, Uruk-hai, the Balrog, the Witch-king and more.
Retail: $30
Origin is offering Battlefield 1942 for $0 downloaded. Play the 2002 game that brought large-scale online battles into reality (up to 64 players can share a map).
$6.80 Retail: $20
Amazon has the Just a Little Critter Collection Hardcover Book for $5.64 with free shipping on $35+. Celebrate 30 years of Little Critter with seven classic stories in one 176 page book. Ships within 2 to 4 weeks.

$10+ everywhere else.
Retail: $10