• Joker Shark
    Batman Villains Turned into Sharks… They’re Aquaman’s Problem Now

    How pandering is it that artists think they can just pump out picture after picture of our beloved comic book characters with some quirky twist… like for example reinterpreting them as sharks… and then expect us to...

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  • Super-Heroes-Families-Andry-Rajoelina-6
    Marvel Super Families Series Will Unfreeze Your Jaded Nerd Heart

    We could watch a double feature of Schindler’s List and Requiem for a Dream without feeling a thing… but thanks to the Marvel Super Families Series, seeing the way baby Cyclops looks up at Xavier with love...

    • Posted 5 months ago
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  • The Little Mermaid Grumpy Cat "Under the No"
    This is What Happens When You Mix Grumpy Cat and Disney Films

    It had to happen at some point, right? Forget the Disney Princesses as fierce Jedi warriors. Combining Grumpy Cat with classic scenes in Disney animated films is just brilliant. Developed by digital artist Eric Proctor (otherwise known as...

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  • Saturday Morning Weekend Warrior
    Bust out the Lucky Charms for this Saturday Morning Cartoon Art

    Currently on display at the Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle, this collection of Saturday Morning Cartoon inspired art depicts pop culture elements from various cartoons, shows and cereals that will make you incredibly nostalgic about those days when the...

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  • 1986: The Dark Knight Returns (Frank Miller)
    10 Spectacular Superhero Comic Book Covers Over The Years

    This year’s Comic-Con is underway, and it’s become a bigger and better event each year. The influence of comic books is felt everywhere in pop culture from summer blockbusters to toys to popular music. While the styles...

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  • Hydrant Planet 0
    It’s A Small World After All: Hydrant World Art

    No, this isn’t a brochure from the future where you choose what planet you want to live on or a Civ V map generator. They are planets created by artist Adam Kennedy from the tops of rusty...

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  • Super Mario Brothers
    Stained Glass + A Love of Gaming =

    Developed by Evan Daniels of Atlanta, Georgia, this collection of stained glass artwork will be very familiar with anyone who grew up with an old-school Nintendo. Up for sale on the Etsy store MartainGlasswork with prices reaching...

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  • The-Evolution-of-Video-Game-Controllers
    The Evolution of Video Game Controllers: Look How Far We’ve Come

    We all have memories of our first video game system. For me, the original Nintendo (NES) was set up in my childhood dentist’s office — who knew there were ways to get seven year olds excited about...

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  • Sandwich Bag Art: A guy in a dragon costume
    Amazing Dad Draws Sandwich Bag Art Every Day For Five Years

    Definitely solidifying his place in the Hall of Fame of Amazing Fathers, David LaFerriere has been drawing illustrations on his kids’ clear, plastic sandwich bags since 2008. Basically a fun surprise when they popped open their lunchboxes at school each...

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