• Skeletor Daily Affirmations 3
    10 Healing Affirmations from He-Man’s Greatest Adversary

    Everyone who’s a fan of the classic He-Man cartoons knows that Skeletor is the picture of mental health.  (How else could someone be so obsessed with ruling Eternia if they didn’t find peace within themselves?)  But achieving...

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  • superbowl-xlvii-at-metlife-stadium_original1
    25 Best Reactions and Memes for Super Bowl XLVIII

    Yet another Super Bowl has come and gone. Denver fans are drowning their sorrows while new Seahawks fans are leaping onto the bandwagon. And of course, the entire Internet was ready to lampoon the losers as well...

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  • the original Cat Bearding cat beard!
    Best Thing I’ve Seen All Day: Cat Bearding

    I love a good meme as much as the next internet addict web savvy individual, though it’s not often that one makes me want to go adopt a cat right this second so I can be part...

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  • Sir Grumpsalot a Knight of the Unhappy Order
    This is a Thing: The Grumpy Cat Art Show

    Grumpy Cat has hit the Alabama art scene faster than a barefoot jackrabbit on a hot greasy griddle in the middle of August! Yee haw! Spongebobian colloquialisms aside, the Grumpy Cat Art Project is an actual ongoing event at...

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  • Hadouken-7
    Hadouken! meme explodes on the Internet

    Breaking out in Japan recently, schoolgirls have started posting Street Fighter-style images of throwing imaginary Hadouken! lighting balls at each other. One girl will get into a pose of launching a lighting ball and anyone else around her will...

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  • pantyhosedogs3
    Nothing Beats Two Great Pairs of Legs

    The Beijing Olympics were a long time ago. With no opening ceremonies to practice for, Chinese citizens have instead found something new to do: take photographs of their dogs wearing pantyhose. Known as “gou gou chuan siwa”...

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