• records_raffi
    10 Ridiculous Vinyl Covers For Your Record Collection

    Being from Minneapolis, recently crowned Most Hipster City in the US, I’ve done what any good hipster would do and gotten into vinyl records. Most of the records I’ve acquired over the last couple of years have...

    • Posted 8 months ago
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  • The Evolution of Get lucky
    Evolution of Get Lucky

    I can’t get enough of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, and I know I’m not the only one. It’s joining the ranks of Somebody That I Used to Know and Call Me Maybe as the earworm of the...

    • Posted 10 months ago
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  • Frank Sinatra
    Photos of Everything Musicians Request When on Tour

    Developed by the same photographer, Henry Hargreaves, that brought you Deep Fried Gadgets, this series of photographs takes all the food and other items requested by popular musicians when on tour and sets them up for a...

    • Posted 11 months ago
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  • procatinator-keyboard
    Enjoy Wasting Your Day on The Procatinator

    Just what the internet needs, another pointless site to waste time on! You weren’t doing anything important today anyway, right? Meet the Procatinator! I actually read the web address wrong and was pretty surprised that I hadn’t already...

    • Posted 12 months ago
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