• Harry Potter Hogwarts school of wizardy
    30 Amazing Travel Posters for Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Star Wars

    Created by Bristol-based illustrator Ali Xenos, this collection of thirty travel posters combines the retro, art deco design style of the 1960′s with popular fantasy locations from books and movies. Travel destinations depicted within the set include...

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  • Breaking in the tauntaun
    20 Amazing Movie Quality Star Wars Stills Using LEGOs

    Created by Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimäki, this collection of photographs combines the worlds of Star Wars and Indiana Jones with LEGO characters as well as a ton of creative staging. In order to create many of the scenes...

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  • Yoda Christmas Card Front
    The Force is Strong with these Star Wars Christmas Cards

    Ever wondered what Jabba the Hut would look like in a Santa hat and red scarf? What about Chewbacca sporting a set of large antlers and a bulbous red nose? How would the Mos Eisley Cantina look all decked...

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  • talking-chewie
    Socially Acceptable Stuffed Animals for Grown Men

    You’re a man… a manly man, even… and you don’t need to prove that to anyone, especially not Bobo your stuffed bear. (What would he know about being a man, anyway – he’s all soft on the...

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  • Star Wars and Thomas Kinkade Art: Rancor Massacre
    As Seen on the Internets: Star Wars and Thomas Kinkade Collide

    Created by U.S. based artist Jeff Bennett, this collection of artwork combines the hotel-wall fodder that is Thomas Kinkade art with awesome elements ripped from the Star Wars universe. Seen romping through serene countryside, Star Wars characters and objects...

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  • Kid Vader
    15 of the Cutest Darth Vaders You’ll Find in This Galaxy

    You can’t go a day or two without hearing about casting rumors on the new Star Wars movie. For instance, the latest rumor to get shot down was the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Star Trek Into Darkness) as...

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  • Star Wars Vanilla Lunch Box
    15 Killer Lunchboxes for Kids Heading Back to School

    Just wow: while many might say that the heyday of lunchboxes was some decades ago, there’s no doubt that the choices kids (and parents) have today tops all previous times.  The likely reason for this smorgasbord?  The...

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  • Star Wars AT-AT Bookcase
    Shut Up and Take My Money: Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Bookcase

    This would have been the Holy Grail of Star Wars collectibles when I was a kid. Hell, it’s a heck of a collectible as an adult. I know tons of people that would love to display this...

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  • thestarwars-mayhew
    Shut Up and Take My Money: The Star Wars Comic Book Mini-Series

    On September 4th, publisher Dark Horse Comics will be launching a new 8-issue mini-series called The Star Wars. Just as The Facebook preceded Facebook, The Star Wars predates a little film from the ’70s known as… Star...

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  • Limited Edition Chewbacca Will Carry Your Data Along With C-3PO
    Chewbacca USB Drive Will Carry Your Data Along With C-3PO

         Every time I see one of Mimoco’s Mimobot flash drive drives, I want to kick myself, and their Limited Edition San Diego Comic-Con Star Wars Chewbacca Variant might be the best yet.  I want to kick...

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  • Luke and Leia
    What if Star Wars Characters Attended High School in the Eighties?

    While you may have seen this floating around in the Internet tubes already, it’s definitely worth a refresher look as back to school time is upon us again. Created by Denis Medri (the same artist that created these awesome Justice...

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  • LEGO Bender from Futurama
    Eight Fantastic Character Sketches Using LEGOs, Markers

    The Force is strong in this young LEGO master. Developed by illustrator and photographer Chris McVeigh, this collection of art combines famous pop culture characters with LEGOs. Using LEGO Digital Designer, McVeigh creates a LEGO brick canvas of 12 x 16...

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