• Bowser Beer for Dogs
    Pet Toys Fido Would Buy If His Card Wasn’t Maxed Out

    The bond between us and our dogs and cats is much stronger than that of just mere pets… we prefer to think of them as servants or slaves. Minions, even. And the lesson we learned when we...

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  • talking-chewie
    Socially Acceptable Stuffed Animals for Grown Men

    You’re a man… a manly man, even… and you don’t need to prove that to anyone, especially not Bobo your stuffed bear. (What would he know about being a man, anyway – he’s all soft on the...

    • Posted 5 months ago
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  • Leapfrog-ultra-tablet
    Tech Toys for Kids Worth Buying This Holiday Season

    You’d think kids would be the easiest people to buy gifts for. But while there are about a billion toy options out there, it can be difficult to weed through them all and know which ones will actually...

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  • M.C. Escher Relativity
    10 LEGO Sets That Kids Today Just Wouldn’t Understand

    Toys may be for kids, but Legos aren’t toys! They’re more like architectural engineering simulation guides… for ages 5 and up. And even if some people with no imagination and joyless lives call them “toys,” then they’re...

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  • [LegoFabuland @ Flickr]
    The Weirdness That Is LEGO Fabuland

    A lot has been made about LEGO’s recent success with LEGO Friends, its product line targeted at girls which was introduced in early 2012. Before LEGO Friends, 90% of kids playing with LEGOs were boys, according to...

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  • LEGO-storefront
    Revealed!! Why LEGO Toys Are So Expensive

    Whenever we post LEGO deals on Ben’s Bargains, they’re usually quite popular because regular-price LEGO sets just seem outrageously expensive for children’s toys. The 3,803-piece LEGO Death Star (10188) is frequently cited as an example, retailing for...

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